Enchained/Quragnaye, Multi-award winning Historical Drama Film

Synergy has a team of experienced professionals in all aspects of feature filmmaking. We make films that comprise the best creative talent, up-to-date technology and an indigenous story with a lasting impact on your audience.

በህግ ከሄደች በቅሎዬ ያለህግ የሄደች ጭብጦዬ

A story of lost love. A journey to justice. Gobeze is a wanderer student who has long searched for his childhood sweetheart and, upon finding her, must go on a long journey with her husband to get justice. Quragnaye is Synergy Habesha’s first feature film which we hope will put into action our company motto to “empower community through media”. This film, a historical drama set 100 years in the past, puts Ethiopian faces, history, culture and language in the forefront and celebrates one of the ways Ethiopia is unique. 
This is magical morality play is the impressive feature debut of Moges Tafesse who makes the best of a shoestring budget to create a fabulous fable of love, justice and poetry set in 1916. This is magic realism at its best. Combining breath-taking landscapes with superb performances piqued by humor and irony, Tafesse takes the audience by storm in a tense and moving ethnological drama suffused with passion, jealousy and bitter anger of the traditional Ethiopian Establishment. Filmuforia, London 2019

For more information visit www.quraganye.blogspot.com


Born to Die, Historical Drama Film (Coming soon)

During World War II in Ethiopia, Bishop Petros confronts the fascist viceroy, Marshal Graziani, and his collaborators, the Coptic Archbishop, Abune Kerlos, and Bandit Melke. Abune Petros’s wish is to conduct a farewell liturgical prayer before his execution. In his prayer he urges his fellow inmates not to surrender to the Italians. e bishop completes his prayer before his execution. e inmates realize that he is sacrificing himself to be the seed of patriotism and inspire his countrymen to get back.

For more information visit www.born2die.blogspot.com


A Season for Dancing (Documentary film on interracial adoption) 

Messeret was born in Mota. Before he was born, seven sons had died soon a er birth. So to trick whatever evil had claimed her other sons, his mother decides to give him a girl’s name. Messi survives, but by the time he is
8, both of his parents have died. So begins a difficult 2-3 years where Messi experiences separation from his sister, being kicked out by his uncle for being too sick to work, living on the streets, unsuccessful reunions, and find an opportunity to get adopted. Filmed upon his return from the United States with his adoptive father, A Season for Dancing chronicles Messeret’s journey home to heal old wounds and achieve his longtime dream of helping his family and street kids. 


For more information visit www.aseason4dancing.blogspot.com


My Quest Reality TV show 
             Sometimes, life gives you a challenge that you cannot face alone. Ene 'meteyekew (My Quest)  is about those moments when you need to reach out to others to find the answer- and experience the extraordinary power of a conversation.

             Ene 'meteyekew (My Quest) is a half hour video-letter format television show that takes us on a journey from the heart of rural Ethiopia to the high rises of Dubai, mapping our communities beyond the distance that separates us, and showing us just how connected we really are. 


Ubuntu Valley

Every day, technologies like AI are changing how we work and play. But too many families worldwide don’t have a place to learn how these technologies that affect all of us work.
            Ubuntu Valley is a program bringing families, schools, communities, and technology leaders together to give everyone the chance to learn, play and create with artificial intelligence. Families with children learn and work together using AI technology and tools to solve problems in their communities.

Synergy Habesha Media, Communications and Technology works with the U.S. based Technovation Global, Curiosity Machine, Global Media, to bring mobile app development and AI to Ethiopia. Selected students will learn the concepts of mobile app development as well as AI and design their own problem solving apps and robot and showcase it internationally. 

for more information www.ubuntuvalley.blogspot.com